Dr E Gene Deune  Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. E. Gene Deune is an associate professor of orthopaedic surgery plastic and reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He serves as division chief of the Hand Division of Orthopaedic Surgery. He sees patients with common hand conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve compression) offering both minimal incision (endoscopic) and open carpal tunnel release. Other clinical areas include ulnar nerve compression at the elbow, tendinitis affecting the fingers and hands, hand arthritis, skin cancers affecting the hand, Dupuytren’s contracture, benign vascular and nonvascular tumors of the hand and fingers, ganglion cysts, and tendon transfers for nerve palsy. He also cares for children with common congenital conditions such as webbed fingers, congenital trigger thumb and extra fingers. For more information, please visit www.hopkinsmedicine.org/ortho