Degenerative Spine  QA with Dr Lee Riley
Degenerative spine is a common condition in which the cushioned discs between the spinal vertebrae deteriorate over time. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatment options from orthopaedic spine surgeon Lee Riley, M.D. as he answers questions about degenerative spine and the surgical procedure options available. Learn more at: Questions Answered: 1. What causes degenerative spine conditions? 0:03 2. What age group is most affected by degenerative spine conditions? 0:15 3. Are degenerative spine conditions hereditary? 0:51 4. What are the symptoms of degenerative spine conditions? 1:16 5. Will pain worsen over time if left untreated? 1:34 6. How are degenerative spine conditions diagnosed? 1:54 7. Will the disease spread to other parts of the spine? 2:10 8. Will degenerated disc(s) cause any permanent damage? 2:32 9. What are nonsurgical treatments used to treat degenerative spine conditions? 2:47 10. What surgical procedures are available to treat degenerative spine conditions? 3:11 11. What is recovery like after surgery? 3:46 12. Are there any new advancements Johns Hopkins is making in treating degenerative spine conditions? 4:16