Cleft Palate and Jaw Surgery in Children  FAQ
Jordan Steinberg, a pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, discusses cleft palate and jaw surgeries in children and adolescents. Find out which treatment options are best for these conditions and what to expect when your child needs cleft palate or jaw surgery. Learn more at Questions Answered: 0:02 One of the most common birth defects is cleft lip and palate. How is surgery used to correct this? 0:52 When (generally at what age) is jaw surgery for children with cleft lip and palate performed? 1:48 What preparations are needed for jaw surgery? 2:38 What happens if my child does not have jaw surgery? What problems can be expected? 3:19 Is this type of jaw surgery done for other diagnoses? 3:55 Why come to a plastic surgeon for jaw surgery, and why specifically to Johns Hopkins Children's Center?