Cervical Spinal Stenosis  QA with Dr Brian J Neuman
Orthopaedic surgeon Brian J. Neuman, M.D., discusses causes and symptoms for cervical spinal stenosis. He explains myelopathy and the nonsurgical and surgical treatment options used to treat spinal stenosis. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/orthopaedic-surgery/specialty-areas/spine/ Questions Answered: 1. What is cervical spinal stenosis? 0:03 2. What are the symptoms? 0:16 3. What causes cervical spinal stenosis? 0:28 4. How is cervical spinal stenosis diagnosed? 0:53 5. What is Myelopathy? 1:09 6. What are some nonsurgical treatments for spinal stenosis? 1:22 7. What are the different surgical approaches to treat spinal stenosis? 1:40 8. Is physical therapy needed after surgery? 2:26 9. Is multidisciplinary approach used to develop treatment options? 2:51 10. What advances in surgical technology have been made at Johns Hopkins to treat cervical spinal stenosis? 3:18