Celebrating Clinical Excellence The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians Dec 15 2015
Clinical care is the backbone of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Earlier this year, the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians launched an annual awards program, called the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Awards for Physicians and Care Teams, to recognize physicians and care teams who provide consistently outstanding patient care. This year's winners were honored at The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians' annual meeting on Dec. 15, 2015. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/clinical-awards 0:00.1 Clinical care is the back bone of Johns Hopkins medicine. 0:03.2 Setting the standards since 1889. 0:05.6 But recognizing advancement and clinical excellence is one thing 0:09.5 Johns Hopkins' medicine has never done, until now. 0:12.7 I think tonight really marks the first time that 0:15.6 Johns Hopkins medicine has honored physicians and 0:18.8 their teams for the clinical, 0:20.7 excellent work that they do in delivering care to the patients. 0:24.7 310 individuals and care teams were nominated, 0:28.1 with 42 winners taking the stage to receive their award. 0:31.9 I was really excited, not just for myself but 0:34.1 for our whole team because we've been working on these efforts in 0:37.4 various forms for about 10 years, so it was very exciting 0:40.3 to hear that our work was gonna be acknowledged. 0:43.1 The nominees came from seven different Johns Hopkins 0:45.8 organizations, united with one common goal, 0:49.1 setting the standard for patient care. 0:51.4 I think it shows that there is a degree of comradery within 0:55.2 the community, within the medical community. 0:56.9 I think this builds bridges between, 0:58.9 well let's say my department and other departments. 1:02.2 And of course we all like to be acknowledge for 1:03.8 things that we like to think that we do well. 1:06.1 Our hopes and it's beyond hopes, it's our plan that this 1:10.7 reward will continue to be a celebration, it will grow in 1:15.2 recognition, it will grow in prestige and it will really 1:19.7 address the clinical efforts and excellence and recognize them. 1:24.9 As I think everyone today realized we should have been 1:28.1 doing long ago. 1:29.1 And it's those clinical efforts that help link 1:31.6 the important history of Johns Hopkins to the future of 1:34.5 patient care. 1:35.3 MUSIC