Cancer Survivorship Beginning from Diagnosis Through Treatment and Beyond
This short, to-the-point video provides information for newly diagnosed, stage 0-3, cancer patients. It emphasizes the importance of survivorship care, starting at the time of diagnosis. This includes making the patient's life goals known to the treatment team and incorporated into the treatment planning process so that these goals are preserved and not forfeited to cancer and its treatment. Also, it supports the philosophy of only allowing cancer the time needed to get rid of it and not allowing it to steal away any more of patients’ time—not their personal time, family time, social time or even work time. Finally, it helps patients prepare for completion of treatment, when they will be transitioned back to their community providers, which can be an anxiety-provoking time for many. Having a survivor volunteer mentor is one way to overcome that anxiety and help survivors make the transition successfully and confidently. Learn more at