Bone Sarcomas  FAQ with Dr Adam Levin
Adam Levin, M.D., orthopaedic oncologist in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins, discusses the common types of bone sarcomas, how they are diagnosed, and innovative treatment options available. To learn more about our orthopaedic oncology services, visit 1. What are bone sarcomas and what are the most common types? (0:03) 2. How are bone sarcomas diagnosed? (0:41) 3. What are the treatment options for bone sarcomas? (1:06) 4. Where in the body are bone sarcomas most commonly found? (1:51) 5. What are the symptoms of a bone sarcoma? (2:16) 6. Are there hereditary or lifestyle factors that make someone more at risk for developing a bone sarcoma? (2:54) 7. Can bone sarcomas recur after being treated? (3:30) 8. What innovative treatments are being explored by Johns Hopkins? (3:59)