Bloodless Medicine  Hazels Story
Hazel Skinner has suffered from chronic illnesses for over 15 years and came to Johns Hopkins from Pennsylvania. Hazel's sister, Dawn, has been to every appointment with her and finds comfort in knowing Hazel's care is a top priority for the Bloodless medicine team. Hazel was admitted to Hopkins and was soon introduced to Dr. Linda Resar, the consultant hematologist for the Bloodless program. Hazel recalls researching the Bloodless program after being told she needed to increase her blood count in able to continue with dialysis. While being sensitive to Hazel’s conscientious refusal to accept blood products, Dr. Resar was able to give her the care she needed to get her hemoglobin back up to healthy levels safely without blood transfusions. After discharge, the Bloodless team continues to follow Hazel. Nurse Coordinator Liz Dackiw calls Hazel regularly to make sure her hemoglobin remains at a healthy level and Hazel continues to be seen by the Bloodless team for regular check-ups throughout the year. #BloodlessMedicine #JHPatientStories