Biomedical Careers Initiative Internship with Sage Growth Partners
Dr. Po-Yuan ("Robert") Hsiao talks about his internship with Sage Growth Partners, a Baltimore-based consulting firm specializing in health care. Robert was selected for this internship through the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Biomedical Careers Initiative while he was a PhD candidate in Pharmacology and Molecular Science. ​For more information please visit: Questions Answered: 1. Where did you do your internship, and what did you hope to gain from the experience? 0:09 2. What types of projects did you contribute to during your internship? 0:38 3. What best prepared you for your internship experience? 1:42 4. What suggestions would you have for students seeking internships? 2:25 5. How did your internship prepare you for a career in consulting? 3:25