A Year in Medicine  Johns Hopkins 2015
2015 was a BIG year in medicine at Johns Hopkins. Breakthroughs in ALS led the way toward new frontiers in medical procedures and research. We prepared for and responded to international pandemics. We went the extra mile bringing care to the community. We honored our own and our city, Baltimore. We are Johns Hopkins Medicine, welcoming 2016! Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/stories/2015-year-in-review.html 0:08.5 We've recently just made a big breakthrough for ALS, and 0:11.4 the best part is, it can be fixed. 0:13.1 The volunteers get as much from the students as 0:15.8 the students get from the volunteers and the experience. 0:19.3 Here we are, and my father's getting a bionic eye. 0:22.7 Got chills just talking about it. 0:24.4 I don't have it anymore, so what do I do? 0:30.6 This is not a nine to five job. 0:31.7 I can't just give her the magic wand and make things go away. 0:36.0 I can't do that. 0:36.7 In remarkable times remarkable people get together 0:39.2 to do remarkable things. 0:40.4 MUSIC 0:47.9 Hopkins is a really special place. 0:49.7 It's a place that's ingrained in medical history. 0:53.6 We always come together, and we always band together. 0:57.4 And that's who we are. 0:58.5 We're one. 0:59.5 Our employees are the heartbeat of our hospital. 1:03.3 It's their passion. 1:05.1 MUSIC