Bladder Cancer  Johns Story
During a visit to his primary care doctor, John Squire was told that there was blood in his urine and that he should see a urologist. John saw a urologist close to home and was told he had bladder cancer. After receiving this diagnosis, John and his girlfriend Jean were determined to find the best care and found Dr. Trinity Bivalacqua at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute. Dr. Bivalacqua listened to John and Jean's lifestyle and concerns and reassured them that there were options available including blue light cyctoscopy for detection and diagnosis as well as BCG treatments. Three months later when John returned, Dr. Bivalacqua had found the cancer had spread to the muscle tissues in the bladder and John would have to have surgery for the removal of his bladder. A multidisciplinary team, from the Brady Urological Institute and The Kimmel Cancer Center, removed John's bladder and provided a care plan. John and Jean share the story of their experience with bladder cancer and Johns Hopkins to provide hope for others who are faced with the same diagnosis. For more information please visit: