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Visitor Policy

For the security of our babies, every visitor must present a valid driver’s license or a government approved photo ID to enter the unit. No exceptions.


newborn baby

How many visitors can I have and do they have to be a certain age?
Each patient is allowed two visitors during active labor and delivery. Up to five (5) visitors may be allowed during the immediate post-delivery period. There is a waiting room by the security desk for all other visitors. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to visit in Labor and Delivery.

If you are having a Cesarean birth, in most cases you are allowed to have one support person in the operating room with you. Likewise, once in recovery, only one visitor will be allowed in the recovery room with you.  

How many overnight visitors may I have? What about my baby’s siblings?
Once you reach your postpartum room, you are allowed one overnight visitor. Otherwise, visiting hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with up to five (5) visitors at a time. Siblings of the baby are allowed to visit on the postpartum unit. No other children are allowed to visit so we can keep our newborns healthy.

Can I request a private room?
We will do everything possible to keep you in a private room. However, in the event of a sudden increase in our unit census, please understand that you may have a roommate for a period of time. We understand everyone's desire for a private room and will do everything possible to maintain your privacy and assign you to a private room as quickly as possible.