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Resident Testimonials

Residency students pose on campus.

What makes someone choose to pursue their residency at the Johns Hopkins Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics? Hear from our current and former residents about how they made their decision to join our program:

"I chose Hopkins because in addition to a strong legacy of education, patient care and cutting-edge research, I was absolutely blown away on interview day by the atmosphere of support and collegiality I encountered! I am excited to be joining a program where I will not only receive excellent training, but will be surrounded by truly inspiring clinicians and researchers dedicated to creating the future of Ob/Gyn!" — Steve Amaefuna

"I decided to stay at Hopkins for residency because I knew that I would receive the training here to become the best possible clinician and researcher. The inspiring clinical faculty, trainees, and research mentors working on international reproductive health and public health practice made me want to stay. Hopkins folks act globally and locally and I aspire to do the same, becoming a global health academic physician while learning how to provide excellent clinical care to the Baltimore community." — Timothee Fruhauf

"I chose Hopkins because the program epitomizes the adage “lift as we climb”. Their values of excellence, discovery, leadership, integrity, and inclusion truly resonated with my own. On my interview day, it was instantly apparent that the program fosters a culture of empathy, providing the highest standard of care to all patients regardless of their race or ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. From then, I knew that I wanted to be apart of a program with friendly, compassionate residents and faculty mentors who train the next leaders in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics." — Tiffany Jones

"I chose to do my GYN/OB residency at Hopkins because it offers outstanding clinical, surgical, and research training in a collaborative and caring environment. After spending the past four years in Baltimore for medical school, I felt deeply connected to the diverse patient population, and I’m excited to continue serving this community. Hopkins holds itself to the highest standard of care while constantly seeking improvement. I am so thrilled to begin my career as an OB/GYN here!" — Kat Kaczmarski

"I knew after my interview that Hopkins was the environment I wanted to train in for residency — emphasizing both intellectual curiosity & developing future leaders in women’s health, while also focusing on compassionate, patient-centered, and safe care for diverse and medically-complex patients. Hopkins provides immense opportunities to explore my academic interests in research, quality improvement & patient safety, and medical education - while also ensuring that I would receive top-notch clinical and surgical training. It was also apparent on my interview day that the residents and administration were welcoming, supportive, and personable and that the faculty were eager to provide mentorship. I hoped to be surrounded by a community of like-minded peers, and knew that there would be no better place to learn and grow than at Johns Hopkins." — Jaden Kohn

"Hopkins was my number 1 choice because I’ve seen the excellence in research, mentorship, and clinical training that this program offers firsthand as a medical student. In Baltimore and its surrounding areas, there is a diversity and resilience to the patient population that has been a privilege to serve. I chose to stay at Hopkins because I knew I would be exposed to a world-class breadth of clinical experiences in a program that is both kind and supportive. I was impressed by the passion and persistence with which the residents and faculty care for their patients and the vision that the department has to not only train excellent residents but shape future leaders in the field." — Kristen Lee

"I spent a month at Hopkins as a visiting sub-intern and from the very beginning, I was welcomed and treated as part of the team. It was hard for me to focus on other programs as I interviewed for residency because I felt I had already found my place! The stars aligned to bring me here, and now I look forward to the unparalleled learning, teaching, and research opportunities offered by this renowned institution." — Linda Pan

"I chose Hopkins because of its collaborative and supportive environment. In addition to providing exceptional training in gynecology and obstetrics, Hopkins is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and service. On interview day, I realized that each interviewer was genuinely interested in my career goals and that I would have every opportunity to achieve them in an environment that is so rich in talent, resources, and supportive collaboration. I also greatly admire the program’s support of diversity expansion in medicine, a topic that I am deeply passionate about. Beyond the objective advantages of the program, subjectively, my interactions with everyone made me feel that I would be a welcomed addition to a well-established, supportive family. For these reasons, I knew that I would be honored become a member of this family and their tradition of excellence." — Tenisha Wilson

"I chose Hopkins for its incredible legacy of contribution to medicine and its reputation as a program that produces leaders in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. On my interview day, I was won over by the extraordinary mentorship and collegiality that I saw. Everyone seemed to be working towards a common goal of pushing the limits of scientific discovery and becoming the best advocate for their patients. I’m so thrilled to be doing my residency training at Hopkins!" — Camilla Yu

"A down-to-earth, easy-to-get-along-with group with so much energy and enthusiasm about serving patients, performing cutting-edge research, and making a difference in the field of gynecology and obstetrics!" — Sandy Truong

"I chose Johns Hopkins' Ob/Gyn residency for the depth of clinical opportunities and mentorship, breadth of research, and diversity of the Baltimore community. Johns Hopkins is a place where you learn to provide top-notch surgical and nonsurgical care for women of all backgrounds, and can help to advance the field of obstetrics and gynecology through research during residency." — Anna Jo Smith

"Working as a research fellow at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, I was able to witness how at Johns Hopkins the faculty wants you to succeed. Thus, you are given all the necessary tools that, when combined with hard work, will help you become what you want in the future." — Ana Angarita

"I chose Johns Hopkins for my residency program because I knew I would receive first-class training under several leaders in the field of Ob/Gyn. I would also have exposure to a diverse patient population and pathology at an institution that is always on the edge of innovation. Additionally, I love the growing city of Baltimore and wanted to move back to be closer to friends and family." — Meghan McMahon

"Diversity in the patient population, supportive faculty, strong research opportunities and the possibility to engage in global health were the attributes I was looking for in a residency program. I found them all at Johns Hopkins. The faculty and staff were pleasant and welcoming. I knew from the moment I interviewed at Johns Hopkins that it was the right place for me to be." — Victoire Ndong

"Johns Hopkins was the perfect place for me to complete my training because it offered me the opportunity to learn cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine while also being surrounded by people who made me feel welcomed and cared about. The passion the people at Johns Hopkins have is so infectious, and I knew that if I could surround myself with people who made me feel so excited about practicing medicine and serving the women of our community, I would be able to push myself to learn and grow and be a better clinician by the end of my training." — Katelyn Uribe

"It felt like a place where I would get the high-quality and challenging training I needed, while at the same time be in a supportive environment. The faculty, physicians and residents that I met on my interview day were inspiring, yet super-friendly and approachable. This was a place where I would be exposed to the cutting-edge side of medicine but still have a community to help me through the struggles of residency." — Isa Ryan

"The passion for innovation and the commitment to excellence exhibited by everyone I met at Johns Hopkins perfectly embodies the type of physician I hope to be. I chose The Johns Hopkins Hospital because I knew I would be surrounded by a family of empathetic, hard-working and fun physicians who would support me through my next four years of training, and inspire me to serve my community beyond the hospital walls." — Danielle Chau

“The culture of curiosity, discovery and innovation at Johns Hopkins deeply inspired and appealed to me. Given my interest in academic medicine, sociocultural dimensions of health and health care, and minority patient population, Johns Hopkins and Baltimore were a perfect fit for me. Come visit us — you will see that the people of Johns Hopkins and Baltimore truly embody a sense of genuineness and passion.” — Edward Kim

“I chose to be a resident here because I am interested in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, and Johns Hopkins boasts outstanding urogynecology faculty. I feel well-prepared by the department as I apply to fellowship. What I love about the program is how it is advancing rapidly in real time, but my favorite part of coming to work is being in the company of my brilliant co-residents.”  — Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Residents pose with Dr. Jessica Bienstock.

“I grew up on the East Coast but ended up in Colorado in college and Chicago for medical school. I'm happy to be back on the East Coast for my residency. The best part of the program is my colleagues — they are among the best and brightest to work alongside in the hospital, and they’re lots of fun to hang out with outside of work while exploring the city of Baltimore!” — Melissa Lippitt

“I remember the ‘culture of discovery’ being emphasized on interview day, and the prospect of being around other intellectually curious, driven co-workers was exciting. I love that all the residents are so generous with each other. We help each other no matter what, no questions asked. It’s a blessing to have such compassionate, giving colleagues.” —  Jill Berkin

“Johns Hopkins breeds some of the best residents. I wanted to be part of a group of people with similar interests, a joint passion to take care of women and work on advancements in our field. Johns Hopkins has become a comforting place that has challenged me and allowed me to grow in so many ways.” — Diana Cholakian

“I felt very inspired by the idea of training at such a historic academic institution, really the birthplace of residency training...By far my favorite part of our program is the residents themselves...People are quick to lend one another a hand and are always willing to do more than their share. That generosity is really palpable day to day and makes coming to work — even on hard days — so enjoyable.” — Hannah Anastasio

“On my interview day, I got a good feeling from the residents and from my faculty interviewers. I’m from Maryland, so I appreciated the proximity to family...I love my co-residents, and I have found great mentors among the faculty. I also appreciate the variety of clinical experience and patient population that we get by going to different hospitals in the area.” — Berendena Vander Tuig

“I am so honored to be at Johns Hopkins and am so excited to be training here! I wanted to come to Johns Hopkins because of the diverse surgical experience and robust obstetrical practice. I have learned so much from my colleagues and mentors here and have made the best of friends.” — Mandy Ramos

“I wanted to come to Johns Hopkins for many reasons: a diverse and medically interesting patient population, the ability to rotate at multiple hospitals, friendly and supportive people, dedicated program leadership, and an academic culture that highly values medical education, research and patient care. What I enjoy about the program is the challenging obstetrical/surgical cases…and living in Baltimore (despite all the Ravens fans).” — Bill Fletcher

“Johns Hopkins is a wonderful place to train, filled with experts in every field and attendings who are dedicated to teaching and promoting a collegial work environment...Most importantly, I am blessed with a diverse group of residents whom I consider family. As a native New Yorker, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful waterside jogging path, delicious food, culture/arts and outdoor activities in my new home of Baltimore.” — Christina Cordeiro

“My background in philosophy, religion and bioethics brought me to Johns Hopkins. I was excited by the opportunity to work with Ruth Faden, a giant in the field of bioethics as it relates to women’s health. I was also inspired by Johns Hopkins’ embrace of academic medicine with a genuine balance of research, teaching and clinical practice. Now nearly two years in, I love that my unique scholarly interests are supported here and given the opportunity to grow…” — Marielle Gross

“It was a combination of the strong academic program and great faculty and staff that made me apply here, and when I arrived, I realized it was being among such wonderful co-residents that confirmed my choice to be here. I have enjoyed working in a place that challenges residents to do their best and provides the support and resources they need to grow professionally. Overall, it's been a great experience!” — Shriddha Nayak

“I chose to be a resident here for my co-residents. They are the highlight of this program — making 24-hour call shifts full of fun and laughter. We receive a world-class education here at Johns Hopkins, but the best part is doing it with great friends.” — Samantha de los Reyes

“I am a D.C., Maryland and Virginia native, and am happy to call this area home. I wanted to come to Johns Hopkins because I knew I’d get amazing training here, and I’d be closer to friends, family and former colleagues still working in health policy. Hands down, the best part about our program is the people — I have friends and mentors here that I know will last a lifetime. I am so happy to be here and to be a part of this crazy family, learning from the very best and working together to serve such a diverse community.” — Esther Han

“... I chose Johns Hopkins for residency because it gave me the right ‘feeling’ on my interview day. I really felt like this is where things were happening and I would get to be a part of it all! The reason I love being a resident here is undoubtedly the people I get to work with every day; my co-residents are amazing! It is so wonderful to be surrounded by residents, fellows and attendings that inspire you daily and make the long hours and hard work worth it!” — Marla Scott