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Interdepartmental Relationships

Relationship with the departments of Surgery, Urology, Medical Oncology, and Radiotherapy:

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

The relationship between the Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Service and the departments listed below is unique. We believe that gynecologic oncologists should be able to provide the vast majority of care that our patients need — including surgical and chemotherapeutic options. Therefore, we have aggressively integrated all possible care-related activities directly into the Kelly Service, using extra-service referrals as little as possible and limiting them to interventional radiology, internal medicine consults and extra-abdominal/pelvic surgery.

  • Surgical oncology: The gynecologic oncology surgeons on the Kelly Service perform the vast majority of gastrointestinal and upper abdominal procedures (e.g., splenectomy and diaphragm resections) necessitated in the care of Kelly Service patients. Fellows have the option to rotate on the hepatobiliary service. Additionally, we partner with Surgical Oncology in the selected application of HIPEC.
  • Urology: Kelly Service faculty are comfortable with the performance of urethral, bladder, ureteral, cystoscopic, urinary diversion and neobladder construction surgery. Fellows can participate in urinary diversion procedures with the urology service on non-Kelly Service patients if desired.
  • Medical oncology: Standard chemotherapy regimens are administered directly by the gynecologic oncologist faculty. Dr. Stephanie Gaillard is a medical oncologist with a full appointment on the Kelly Service. With this unique arrangement, Dr. Gaillard is fully integrated into our team. She can provide her unique perspective to the fellows who attend her clinic on a weekly basis. In addition, her presence provides our fellows greater exposure to institutional and phase I trials offered within the Cancer Center.

  • Radiation oncology: Patients are treated by Dr. Akila Viswanathan in partnership with their gynecologic oncologist. All inpatient procedures are performed jointly by radiation oncology and gynecologic oncology services. Patients are admitted to and cared for by the Kelly Service faculty and housestaff. Patients receive state-of-the-art care including external beam, vaginal brachytherapy and more complex interstitial plans in this collaborative environment.

Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)

The use of consults in the disciplines of surgery, urology, medical oncology and radiation oncology is more fluid and less well-defined at GBMC than it is at Johns Hopkins. The gynecologic oncologists at GBMC have the same perspective on the role of the gynecologic oncologist — primary provider and director of oncology care for the woman with a gynecologic malignancy — as the gynecologic oncologists on the Kelly Service at Johns Hopkins.