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Medical Student Research Grant Program

The Damewood Medical Student Research Awards, established through the generous support of Drs. Marian and Richard Damewood, promote scholarship in women’s health among medical students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Projects may encompass one of many aspects of women’s health care, including clinical care, quality improvement, medical education, challenges in health disparities and health delivery. Scholars will have the unique opportunity to further explore their scholarly area of interest and find lifelong mentorship among leaders in women’s health.

Program Resources

Silka Patel (program director) leads the Damewood Medical Student Research Grant Program and head the selection committee. Other committee members include:

The Damewood Research Award will support projects with grants from $3,000–$10,000. All grant recipients will be required to submit a summary of their project as well as provide materials to share with donors annually.

Eligibility Requirements

All projects should be related to advancing research in education or clinical care in women’s health. Scholars must be medical students at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine or faculty in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Gyn/Ob) who will be working directly with a medical student from Johns Hopkins. 

For Medical Students

  • Students are expected to complete their projects prior to earning their medical degree. If the grant is awarded their final year, the project should be completed by the end of their intern year.
  • All medical students must have a mentor identified to qualify for funding. The primary mentor must be a faculty member who has a primary appointment in the school of medicine Gyn/Ob department. Mentors must agree to provider appropriate assistance to medical student scholars on project design and execution.

For Johns Hopkins Faculty

  • If the primary applicant is a faculty member, he or she must identify the medical student with whom they will be working and the specific role on the project team for that student.

Application Process

Prior to application, scholars should identify their team, which must include a medical student from Johns Hopkins as well as a faculty member with a primary appointment in the Gyn/Ob department at Johns Hopkins.

Applications must include:

  1. CV for the medical student scholar
  2. A paragraph from the faculty mentor affirming their support of the medical student scholar and delineating the student’s role on the scholarly project
  3. A research proposal (limit three pages, not including references). The proposal will include the specific aims of the project and will summarize the methodology planned to accomplish the aims. A title page should be included that has the name of the medical student, the faculty mentor and the primary contact person for the project.
  4. Budget proposal: Grants will be awarded between $3,000 and $15,000 based on the submitted budgets and request of scholars.

The 2022 application due date is October 10, 2022. Application materials should be emailed to

Selection Criteria

Applications will be scored by the review committee who will determine final funding allocations for each project. Projects will be evaluated on the following core criteria:

  • Does the study address an important problem? If the aims are achieved, how will scientific knowledge, clinical knowledge or medical education be advanced?

  • Is the work proposed appropriate for the team, and does it allow for significant support of the medical student scholar?

  • Is the project original and innovative? Does the project develop or employ novel concepts, approaches, tools or technologies?

  • Are the framework, design, methods and analysis adequately developed and appropriate for the aims of the project? Can the project be completed as designed?

If you have questions regarding applying for the Damewood Medical Student Research Grant please contact us at

Previous Recipients

Project: Assessment of Access to Fertility Preservation for Women with Cancer

Project Team

Project Description

This project aims to characterize counseling about, access to, and utilization of fertility-preserving services for reproductive-aged women who are diagnosed with a) primary gynecologic cancers, b) hereditary cancer syndromes predisposing to gynecologic cancers, and/or c) cancers requiring pelvic radiation at JHM. The goal is to better understand and identify gaps in the current counseling, referral and evaluation practices for fertility-preserving treatment for reproductive-aged women with cancer. This project will serve as the groundwork to develop a multidisciplinary service line across Gyn/Ob, medical oncology, radiation oncology and genetics to improve and streamline counseling and protocols for fertility preservation in women at Johns Hopkins.

Yu’s interests have focused on the intersection between women’s health, reproductive rights and equity of care. Her past research in anthropology includes understanding the experiences of infertility for women in China as well as Asian American women’s experiences with oocyte cryopreservation. This project builds on her past research with the goal to improve experiences with fertility-preserving services and, thus, quality of care for women.

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