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Research Study Health Survey
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Update your Health Profile for the Study

You may click on the photo below and download a copy of a blank Health Update Research Study Questionnaire anytime you wish to let us know something. Because your internet server is not private, you will have to print it and send it back to us in a sealed envelope marked confidential. Be sure to put your name, date, and address on it. We will keep it entirely secure and enter our database only by ID number.  We will not retain the writtten research survey after it enters the database with your prior data.

Your Research Study Health Survey

(click on the photo below to download and print, return by mail)


Topics of Interest

Hands Only CPR For Everyone

The Most Important One Minute Video you May Ever Watch
CPR is much easier than you every thought under the new guidelines/

(click on the picture for a one minute video)


Calculate Your Risk of Having a Heart Problem

It is impossible to actually know what your chances are of having a heart problem or stroke, but the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology provide you with a risk calculator if you know your blood pressure and cholesterol, and your family history. In the family history portion of this, add 50% to the family history if it is in a brother or a sister. Understand that these are rough estimates and not always that accurate. This estimator also has some information about what benefits you may get from various interventions. Family history does not doom you to a problem. There are many prevention options. (No need to provide any feedback as on the end of the calculator)...
(click on the picture below to estimate your 10-year risk)


Heart Disease in Women and Family History

Although heart disease is less common in women than in men, it is important to recognize that it does occur in women, especially if they have a family history. Often doctors may fail to make this diagnosis in women. Knowing when to see treatment is particularly important for women in our study. So much heart disease can be prevented with modifications in your lifestyle and good preventive health care. (click on the photo for a short video about family history and women's risk).


Are You Normal, Overweight, Obese? 
Calculate your BMI (Weight Adjusted to Your Height)

Use this calculator to find out from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. You just need to know your approximate height and weight. (click on the picture)


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