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GIM Housestaff Research Awards

housestaff_awardeesOn December 7, the 2018 Housestaff Research Awardees were invited to Johns Hopkins to present their winning abstracts during GIM Grand Rounds. To learn more about the 2018 Housestaff Research Awards, click here. 

From left to right in group photo: Daniel Ford, Andi Shahu, David Levine, David Kern, Robin Ortiz, Jacob Quinton, Blair Golden, Nkemdilim Mgbojikwe, Colette DeJong, Felicia Hill-Briggs, & Lea Selitsky

2018 Winning Abstracts
  • Blair Golden, “Learning to be a doctor: Medical students’ perception of their roles in longitudinal outpatient clerkships”
  • Andi Shahu, “Disparities in Socioeconomic Context and Response to Antihypertensive Medication in ALLHAT”
  • Robin Ortiz, “Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk may be Associated with Increase in DNA Methylation of FKBP5”
  • Lea Selitsky, “Associations between traumatic experiences and sexual risk factors among incarcerated adolescents in Detroit”
  • Jacob Quinton, “Evaluation of Mortality Risk Indexes for Use in the Veteran’s Healthcare Administration”
  • Colette DeJong, “Industry Marketing and High-Value Prescribing”