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Hospitalists’ Publications Burgeoning

The physicians in the GIM Hospitalist Program seem to have gone on a writing spree, the result of which is their publication of 15 articles in medical journalsand an AHRQ report since the beginning of the year. Altogether, 11 members of the program figure as authors of the published studies. Dr. Daniel Brotman, the Director of the Hospitalist Program appears as the senior author on five of the articles, as first-named author on a sixth, and as a co-author on two further studies.

Kudos to all the busy investigators in the Hospitalist Program on their recent publication blitz!

The citations and links to their 2013 articles are listed below in order of their date of publication. The Hospitalist authors’ names are in boldface type, and additional GIM authors’ names are underlined.

Durand DJ, Feldman LS, Lewin JS, Brotman DJ. Provider cost transparency alone has no impact on inpatient imaging utilization. Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2013 Feb;10(2):108-13. PMID: 23273974.

Kalokhe AS, Shafiq M, Lee JC, Ray SM, Wang YF, Metchock B, Anderson AM, Nguyen ML. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis drug susceptibility and molecular diagnostic testing. American Journal of the Medical Sciences. 2013 Feb;345(2):143-8. PMID: 22885627; PMCID: PMC3499631.

Shafiq M, Mansoor MS, Khan AA, Sohail MR, Murad MH. Adjuvant steroid therapy in community-acquired pneumonia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2013 Feb;8(2):68-75. PMID: 23184813.

Michtalik HJ, Yeh HC, Pronovost PJ, Brotman DJ. Impact of attending physician workload on patient care: a survey of hospitalists. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013 Mar 11;173(5):375-7. PMID: 23358680.

Block L, Habicht R, Wu AW, Desai SV, Wang K, Silva KN, Niessen T, Oliver N, Feldman L. In the Wake of the 2003 and 2011 Duty Hours Regulations, How Do Internal Medicine Interns Spend Their Time? Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2013 Apr 18. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23595927.

 Oduyebo I, Lehmann CU, Pollack CE, Durkin N, Miller JD, Mandell S, Ardolino M, Deutschendorf A, Brotman DJ. Association of self-reported hospital discharge handoffs with 30-day readmissions. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013 Apr 22;173(8):624-9. PMID: 23529278.

Desai SV, Feldman L, Brown L, Dezube R, Yeh HC, Punjabi N, Afshar K, Grunwald MR, Harrington C, Naik R, Cofrancesco J Jr. Effect of the 2011 vs 2003 duty hour regulation-compliant models on sleep duration, trainee education, and continuity of patient care among internal medicine house staff: a randomized trial. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013 Apr 22;173(8):649-55. PMID: 23529771.

Singh S, Haut ER, Brotman DJ, Sharma R, Chelladurai Y, Shermock KM, Kebede S, Stevens KA, Prakasa KR, Shihab HM, Akande TO, Zeidan AM, Garcia LJ, Segal JB. Pharmacologic and Mechanical Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism Among Special Populations. Comparative Effectiveness Review No. 116. (Prepared by The Johns Hopkins University Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-2007-10061-I.) AHRQ Publication No. 13-EHC082-1. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; May 2013.       

Feldman LS, Shihab HM, Thiemann D, Yeh HC, Ardolino M, Mandell S, Brotman DJ. Impact of providing fee data on laboratory test ordering: a controlled clinical trial. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013 May 27;173(10):903-8. PMID: 23588900.

Brotman DJ, Shihab HM, Prakasa KR, Kebede S, Haut ER, Sharma R, Shermock K, Chelladurai Y, Singh S, Segal JB. Pharmacologic and Mechanical Strategies for Preventing Venous Thromboembolism after Bariatric Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Surgery. 2013 May 29:1-12. PMID: 23754086.

Amer M, Qayyum R. Relationship between 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and All-cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality. American Journal of Medicine. 2013 Jun;126(6):509-14. PMID: 23601272.

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Hassounand PM, Shafiq M. Tackling the challenges of systemic sclerosis associated pulmonary hypertension: One step forward. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2013 Jun 5. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23740649.

Michtalik HJ, Pronovost PJ, Marsteller JA, Spetz J, Brotman DJ. Developing a model for attending physician workload and outcomes. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013 Jun 10;173(11):1026-8. PMID: 23609943.

Kebede S, Prakasa KR, Shermock K, Shihab HM, Brotman DJ, Sharma R, Chelladurai Y, Haut ER, Singh S, Segal JB. A systematic review of venous thromboembolism strategies in patients with renal insufficiency, obesity, or on antiplatelet agents.  Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2013 Jun 12. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23761111.

Chen Z, Tang H, Qayyum R, . . . , Becker DM, Wilson JG, Lettre G, Reiner AP. Genome-wide association analysis of red blood cell traits in African Americans: the COGENT Network. Human Molecular Genetics. 2013 Jun 15;22(12):2529-38. PMID: 23446634; PMCID: PMC3658166.