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Drs. Feldman and Block’s Study Discussed in NYT

Dr. FeldmanAn article published online in April in the Journal of General Internal Medicine by a team that includes several Hopkins GIM researchers is the topic of Dr. Nadine Chen’s “Doctor and Patient” blog in today’s New York Times. Chen’s article, “For New Doctors, 8 Minutes per Patient” discusses the study titled “In the Wake of the 2003 and 2011 Duty Hours Regulations, How Do Internal Medicine Interns Spend Their Time?” that appeared in JGIM. The study’s lead author is GIM Fellow Lauren Block, MD, MPH, and its senior author is GIM Hospitalist Lenny Feldman, MD, FACP. Dr. Feldman serves, among other roles, as the Assistant Dr. BlockProgram Director of the Osler Medical Residency. Other authors of the article include GIM Hospitalist Timothy Niessen, MD, MPH, and jointly appointed GIM faculty members Albert Wu, MD, MPH, and Sanjay Desai, MD.

The article by Block, Feldman and their collaborators finds what Chen terms “a perfect storm of unintended consequences” in the outcomes of revisions in the duty-hours regulations for physicians in training. The study’s researchers from JHU and the University of Maryland shadowed interns in internal medicine training programs at the two institutions, recording the amount of time they spent on a variety of activities. Chen’s discussion of the study's findings can be read at in today's New York Times online, at