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GIM Authors Abound in May JGIM

Readers of the May 2013 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine will find its pages fairly bristling with the names of many Hopkins GIM faculty members and affiliated faculty members as authors. Perusal of the table of contents reveals the following publications by our GIM-related colleagues:

Original Research

Chad Boult  , Bruce Leff, Cynthia M. Boyd, Jennifer L. Wolff, Jill A. Marsteller, Kevin D. Frick, Stephen Wegener, Lisa Reider, Katherine Frey, Tracy M. Mroz, Lya Karm and Daniel O. Scharfstein. A Matched-Pair Cluster-Randomized Trial of Guided Care for High-Risk Older Patients.

Somnath Saha MD, MPH, P. Todd Korthuis MD, MPH, Jonathan A. Cohn MD, Victoria L. Sharp MD, Richard D. Moore MD, MHS, Mary Catherine Beach MD, MPH. Primary Care Provider Cultural Competence and Racial Disparities in HIV Care and Outcomes.

Scott M. Wright MD, Leah Wolfe MD, Rosalyn Stewart MD, MBA, John A. Flynn MD, MBA, Richard Paisner JD, Steve Rum BS, M Adm, Gregory Parson BS, Joseph Carrese MD, MPH. Ethical Concerns Related to Grateful Patient Philanthropy: The Physician’s Perspective.

Rebecca Marshall MD, MPH, Mary Catherine Beach MD, MPH, Somnath Saha MD, MPH, Tomi Mori PhD, Mark O. Loveless MD, MHA, Judith H. Hibbard DrPH, Jonathan A. Cohn MD, Victoria L. Sharp MD, P. Todd Korthuis MD, MPH. Patient Activation and Improved Outcomes in HIV-Infected Patients.

Healing Arts: Materia Medica

Zackary Berger MD, PhD. You’re the Doctor.

Congratulation to all our authors for making this a banner month for Hopkins GIM in JGIM!