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Dr. Kimberly Gudzune’s Study Cited in New York Times

Dr. GudzuneGIM’s Assistant Professor Kimberly Gudzune, MD, MPH, has found that her study titled “Physicians Build Less Rapport with Obese Patients” has received extensive press attention around the country. Since the article was published online in the journal Obesity, it has caused comment in many quarters.  As Dr. Gudzune remarked in an interview about her research, the issue of rapport can have therapeutic consequences: “When there is increased empathy by the doctor, patients are more likely to report they are satisfied with their care, and they are more likely to adhere to recommendations of physicians.” 

The “Well” blog of the New York Times published an article on April 29th titled “Are Doctors Nicer to Thinner Patients?” by Tara Parker-Pope that focused on Dr. Gudzune’s research. The findings of the study reported in Obesity have also been picked up by many other news outlets, including:

U.S. News & World Report

The Huffington Post

The Toronto Telegraph

MedPage Today


CLTV (Chicago)

Dr. Gudzune is joined in her media stardom by GIM co-authors in Dr. Mary Catherine Beach and
Dr. Lisa Cooper.