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News Archive, January - June 2012


June 29, 2012:Four GIM Fellows Complete Their Programs
June 27, 2012Drs. Anika Alvanzo & Raquel Greer Score Perfect Tens!
June 26, 2012:Dr. Craig Pollack’s Research Featured on “Marketplace”    

June 20, 2012:

Dr. Jeanne Clark Installed in New Brancati Chair

June 19, 2012:

Three GIM Faculty Help JHM Land $19.9 Million CMS Healthcare Innovation Challenge Grant

June 12, 2012:

HHS Secretary Sebelius Promotes Primary Care While Honoring Dean Miller

May 31, 2012:Dr. Ebony Boulware Honored by President Daniels
May 30, 2012:Honors for GIM at Medical School Graduation

May 29, 2012:

Drs. Claire Snyder & Albert Wu Star on YouTube

May 24, 2012:

SGIM Honors for Hopkins GIM

May 11, 2012:

Proposed HHS Rule Would Help Primary Care Providers

May 7, 2012:

Dr. Sosena Kebede to Join Armstrong Institute

April 27, 2012:

Dr. Lisa Cooper Celebrated as Fries Professor

April 24, 2012:

Dr. Eric Bass Elected SGIM President

April 23, 2012:

More Levine Mentoring Awards for GIM Faculty

April 18, 2012:

Dr. Gail Geller to Lead NIMH Committee

April 17, 2012:

Former GIM Fellows Elected to JHU Society of Scholars

April 16, 2012:

Dr. Jeanne Clark Wins Vice Dean's Award

April 9, 2012:

Gilman Student Organizes Fund-Raiser for ADA 

April 2, 2012:

GIM Faculty Members Named ACP Fellows  

March 30, 2012:

Dr. Stephanie Fitzpatrick To Hold Leadership Posts

March 30, 2012:

Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco Wins Schoolwide Teaching Award

March 19, 2012:

Two Mid-Atlantic SGIM Awards for Hopkins 

March 15, 2012:

Dr. Ebony Boulware Appointed to NIH Study Section 

March 14, 2012:

Dr. Kisha Davis is White House Fellow

March 12, 2012:

Dr. Sarah Clever Tapped to Work with the AAMC's LGBTI Committee

March 9, 2012:
Dr. Fred Brancati Named University Distinguished Service Professor

February 23, 2012:

POWER Study Named Year's Best Article by SGIM

February 20, 2012:

New IOM Report on Public Health Role in Managing Chronic Disease

February 16, 2012:

Dr. Rosalyn Stewart Promoted to Associate Professor

February 16, 2012:

Dr. Geetanjali Chander Promoted to Associate Professor

February 14, 2012:

Dr. Lenny Feldman Elected Graduation Marshal

February 6, 2012:

Dr. Daniel Brotman Accumulates Awards

February 6, 2012:

Dr. Howard Levy Publishes in Journal of Biomedical Informatics

January 18, 2012:
Dr. Raquel Greer Wins Clinician Scientist Award 
January 17, 2012:
Dr. Gail Daumit Granted K24 Award from NIMH     

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