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Dr. Brancati's ACS Film on YouTube

Dr. BrancatiAfter much breathless anticipation, we can now enjoy the 27-minute polished version of the film that GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati prepared for his special Medical Grand Rounds presentation at the ACS Appreciation session held on May 18, 2012. The film, titled “Chief Rounds: An Oral History of the Assistant Chief of Service at Johns Hopkins” is available on YouTube. The film traces the history of the Assistant Chief of Service position at Hopkins since its establishment by Dr. Osler in 1889, through 1975, when Dr. McKusick launched the Firm system, and on to today. The film can be seen by clicking on its title here; it is also permanently accessible through a link on Dr. Brancati’s GIM faculty page.
The film conveys its story through interviews with contemporary physicians who served as ACSs in their residency--including GIM faculty member Dr. Charles Angell and recent ACS Dr. Naudia Lauder and Dr. Lorrel Brown--as well as through historical photographs of Hopkins hospital and medical school and the words of famous Hopkins physicians of the past voiced by members of the GIM faculty. The highly polished version available for viewing was produced by Dr. Brancati and directed by David Long of Trapped Bee Productions. Mr. Long is married to jointly appointed GIM faculty member Dr. Elizabeth Selvin. All in the talented GIM family!
Congratulations to Dr. Brancati on this media achievement documenting a unique facet of Hopkins Medicine history!