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Baltimore DRTC Prevention and Control Core



The over-arching mission of the Prevention & Control Core is to understand and reduce health disparities in type 2 diabetes and its complications by facilitating research in the following areas: (1) epidemiology, (2) health services research; (3) outcomes research; and (4) real-world trials of primary and secondary prevention.

The Core objectives aim to assist investigators and health professionals interested in the entire range of natural history and in all 3 forms of prevention related to diabetes. Furthermore, our objectives support our commitment to investigating health disparities and to seeking clinical and public health remedies.

This area of the Baltimore DRC Healthcare and Population Science website is dedicated to clinical investigators and health professionals. Find out how to best care for your patients with diabetes. Learn about local resources and events related to diabetes care. Investigators can access services provided by our faculty and locate colleagues with similar interests.

Healthcare and Population Science Core Structure and Services

1. Assemble a large, experienced, multi-disciplinary panel of investigators who are committed to the Core's mission. This panel includes nationally and internationally regarded experts in epidemiology, clinical trials, health services research, outcomes research, psychology, behavioral medicine, and public health. Many of the experts are themselves under-represented minorities.

2. Promote innovation and cross-fertilization by the following means:

  • Prioritize interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaboration.
  • Link closely with training and mentorship programs to development young talent.
  • Work with government (local, state, and US) and industry to develop new interventions.
  • Participate in technology transfer and multidisciplinary translational research to implement innovative diabetes prevention and control programs into everyday clinical practice.

3.  Constitute four Sub-Cores to support the panel's research in the prevention & control of type 2 diabetes by providing timely, high-quality, well-managed services in these areas:

  • Biostatistics - including innovative trial designs and state-of-the-art analytic approaches for observational comparative effectiveness research.
  • Clinical Trials - at the patient, clinic, and or health system level, with particular attention to innovative designs, comparative effectiveness, and personalized medicine.
  • Clinical, Molecular, and Pharmacoepidemiology - with particular attention to design, analysis, and database archiving across the full epidemiologic continuum from biomarker discovery to health outcomes research.
  • Behavior and Psychometrics - with particular attention to the development of state-of-the-art behavioral interventions and high quality data acquisition.

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