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Medical Services Before and After Bariatric Surgery

woman laughingBariatric surgery includes several different procedures that can help people with obesity lose weight and improve health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Before having one of these procedures, many patients need to complete a medically supervised weight loss program. After the procedure, continued follow-up is also recommended to help support lifestyle changes and monitor your nutritional status.

At the Healthful Eating, Activity, and Weight Program, our multidisciplinary team of obesity medicine physicians and bariatric surgeons helps you in making changes in diet, physical activity, and behaviors that are key to successfully losing weight during the medically supervised weight loss period. We also have expertise in managing weight and nutritional status after these procedures. For patients interested in endoscopic weight loss services, we recommend that you consider the Johns Hopkins Endoscopic Weight Loss Program.

Patients interested in bariatric surgery will have an evaluation with one of our specialty physicians to create a lifestyle change plan to meet your unique needs. Our program offers a variety of weight management services for patients:

Visits with Physician Experts on Obesity

After the first evaluation, patients interested in bariatric surgery will have regular follow-up visits with our obesity medicine physician experts. Our physicians also work with patients after bariatric surgery to continue to support lifestyle changes and weight loss. Patients will also have their nutritional status monitored and be evaluated for any complications. These visits are usually covered by insurance.

Visits with Surgeons with Expertise in Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeons from the Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery evaluate patients for these procedures and continue follow-up care in our clinic. These board-certified surgeons have decades of combined surgical experience, and work together with the Healthful Eating, Activity and Weight Program’s obesity medicine physicians in developing a coordinated care plan.

Group Weight Loss Program Prior to Bariatric Surgery

We offer a group program based on a scientifically proven lifestyle change curriculum to lose weight. Our program is adapted from the landmark Look AHEAD trial, which demonstrated the many health benefits that can occur with weight loss.

A trained lifestyle coach leads group sessions in a private classroom setting located in our clinic.  Patients first complete an orientation session online, and then attend groups every other week. The groups cover new topics to support your weight loss, such as problem solving, healthy eating, managing holidays, and staying motivated. We recommend that you plan to participate for at least 6 months prior to surgery. This program may be covered by insurance. All patients need to complete an initial evaluation with one of our specialty physicians to before registration in a weight loss group. You can enroll at any time

Support Groups for Patients after Bariatric Surgery

Beginning in late 2020, we will offer a support group for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery once a month. All patients need to complete an initial evaluation with one of our specialty physicians prior to registration for this support group.

Visits with Psychology

We offer services from a licensed psychologist with expertise in behavior change, obesity, and pre-bariatric surgical evaluations. Psychology visits will be available in late 2020.

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