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At the Johns Hopkins Healthful Eating, Activity and Weight Program, we strive to bring you the latest in care by pushing the boundaries of clinical innovation and biomedical research. Many of our specialty physicians are also active researchers. We also partner with other physicians and researchers at the world’s leading academic medical centers.

The Johns Hopkins Healthful Eating, Activity and Weight Program currently has the following research opportunities available:


Bariatric Embolization of Arteries With Imaging Visible Embolics (BEATLES)

Have you considered bariatric (weight-loss) surgery? We are looking at a less invasive options. You may be eligible if:
  • You are between the ages of 21 and 70 years old
  • You are significantly overweight (BMI ≥ 35, but weight <400lbs)
  • You live or work within 65 miles of Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • You are otherwise healthy (those with diabetes may still be eligible)
You will receive your procedure and expected post-procedure care at no cost, you will be enrolled in the Johns Hopkins Healthful Eating, Activity & Weight Program at no cost, and you will be compensated financially for your participation. BEATLES is a research study to determine if a new procedure using a new type of device can help people lose weight without undergoing major surgery. The procedure itself is an outpatient procedure, but you will be admitted overnight for observation (admission may range from 23-48 hours post-procedure, as clinically indicated).

Email us at or call us at 443-287-2795.

Clifford R. Weiss, M.D., Principal Investigator (Protocol #IRB00143169)