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Dr. Segal's Promotion Party

Celebrating Dr. Jodi Segal's Promotion to Associate Professor,
February 2008

Segal 34
                                       Dr. Jodi Segal with her happy spouse
Segal 36
                          Drs. Levine, Wilson and Miller congratulate Dr. Segal
Segal 37
                                        Dr. Segal with Dr. Nicole Farmer
Segal 38
                                      There's always good food at a GIM party
Segal 41
                                          Drs. Nisa Maruthur and Raquel Charles
Segal 43
                          Dr. Wendy Bennett converses with Dr. David Levine
Segal 45
Former GIM Division Director Dr. David Levine shares his thoughts about Dr. Segal
Segal 46
                                    Dr. Pete Miller says a few words
Segal 47
Segal 48
                                  Dr. Jeanne Clark adds her congratulations
Segal 51
     Dr. Jodi Segal with Dr. David Levine and GIM Division Director Dr. Fred Brancati