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GIM Picnic, May 2008

Picnic 4
   Welcome to the GIM Picnic at Oregon Ridge
Picnic 25
                        A beautiful day for a picnic!
Picnic 18
                  The Chief shows his colors
Picnic 5
              . . . as do the younger generation
Picnic 6
Picnic 10
          Whoa! Cool dude at one o'clock
Picnic 17
      Mommy, I want to play with the big kids!
Picnic 9
                                   Volleyball on the lawn
Picnic 28
          Arts and crafts for the young set
Picnic 8
                     All are welcome!
Picnic 1
                  Our own moon bounce
Picnic 12
                       Good food and cool drinks
Picnic 3
Picnic 22
                  Let's organize some games
Picnic 20
              They're at the post for the sack race
Picnic 21
                             And they're off!
Picnic 27
               And now a break for some quieter activities
Picnic 2
              Let's make something
Picnic 30
                      A spirited soccer match
Picnic 32
Picnic 29
        Our own Team GIM cheerleaders
Picnic 24
                           The egg race
Picnic 26
                         Careful with that egg!
picnic 15
                    Lots of choices
Picnic 33
     A crafts projects about to meet its fate
Picnic 16
        Look what I made!
Picnic 11
         And fun for the grown-ups, too
Picnic 14
            The hula-hoop champion
Picnic 13
           A beautiful spot, but for some duty still calls