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Celebration for Dr. Pete Miller's Promotion to Professor, January 2013

Miller 1
The reception for Dr. Miller is held in the former West Reading 
Room of the historic Welch Medical Library, presided  over by
  a portrait of Medical School patron Mary Elizabeth Garrett.
Miller 8
       Guests find a buffet of appetizers and beverages on their arrival.
Miller 9
Dr. Miller chats with mother and daughter scientists Kit and Christine Carson.
Miller 10
The Chairman of the Department of Medicine,
    Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, greets Dr. Miller's mother.    

Miller 11
Dr. Miller gets a congratulatory hug from Welch Center
associate faculty member Jeanne Charleston.
Miller 12
Dr. Miller's mother chats with his Welch Center and General Internal
Medicine colleagues, Dr. Hunter Young and Dr. Larry Appel.
Miller  16
Chair of Medicine Dr. Myron Weisfeldt delivers a short talk in Dr. Miller's honor.
Director of the Welch Center, Dr. Larry Appel, has a few words to say that
elicit laughs from GIM Associate Director Dr. Fred Brancati and Dr. Miller.

Miller 15
 Dr. Appel prepares to present Dr. Miller with a very special gift . . .
. . . a necktie in the shape of a fish!
Miller 18
 Thanks and praise from one of Dr. Miller's trainees, Dr. Stephen Juraschek.
Miller 19
Long-time GIM colleague Dr. Eric Bass offers his congratulations
as several of the GIM financial analysts listen.
Miller 21
A round of applause for Dr. Miller's family.
Miller 23
Chair of Medicine Dr. Myron Weisfeldt, Dr. Pete Miller, GIM Associate Director Dr. Fred Brancati and Welch Center Director Dr. Larry Appel, composed in 
a striking resemblance to the John Singer Sargeant portrait below!

Miller 25
Dr. Miller with Dr. Larry Appel, below the portrait of the four  
physician founders of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Miller 26
Dr. Miller introduces his mother to Welch Center colleague Dr. Deidra Crews.
Miller 28
Dr. Miller and his proud wife.
Miller 3        
Dr. Miller's son, mother, Dr. Miller, his wife, father and daughter.
Miller 2
Ceiling detail in the Welch Medical Library: Looking up offers an inspiring view!