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Lewisohn Wall Dedication, May 2008

Dedication of Lewisohn Wall, May 2008

Wall 4
     The Lewisohn Wall at the GIM offices
            Portrait of Dr. Marjorie Lewisohn
GIM Lobby
                      Lobby of GIM divisional offices
Dedication publicity
                  Dedication publicity
Dr. Diane Becker
   Dr. Diane Becker speaks of GIM's wish to commemorate 
              Dr. Lewisohn and her generous gift to GIM
GIM members      
GIM Division members honor Dr. Lewisohn's gift
Dr. Flynn speaks

             Dr. John Flynn, GIM's Clinical Director,
                shares his memories of Dr. Lewisohn

Assembled division members
   Assembled Division members listen to Dr. Flynn's remarks
Dr. Flynn
                      Dr. Flynn consults his notes
            Festive flower arrangement
Lewisohn 15
T. Moy and L. Yanek
     Researchers Taryn Moy and Lisa Yanek
Dr. Moore
             Dr. Richard Moore
GIM members
Drs. Prokopowicz and Cofrancesco
             Drs. Greg Prokopowicz and Joe Cofrancesco