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First Annual Housestaff Research Awards Presentation

GIM Housestaff Research Awards Presentation 2006

Dr. Lea Ann Chen presents her abstract, Predictors of Screening
Colonoscopy Completion Among Urban Minorities. Dr. Chen, a
first-year resident at Mount Sinai Hospital, won the Daniel E. Ford
award for achievement in health services research and prevention.
              Drs. Daniel Ford and Fred Brancati 
                 congratulate Dr. Lea Ann Chen
Dr. David Chan presents his abstract, The Cost Effectiveness of
Heart Failure Disease Management. Dr. Chan, a resident at
Brigham and Women's Hospital, won the Neil R. Powe Award
for achievement in clinical epidemiology and outcomes research.
Dr. Brancati takes a call from Dr. Powe (from out of state
at a conference), who phoned to congratulate Dr. Chan.
Drs. David Chan, Neil Powe(via phone) and Fred Brancati
      Dr. Fred Brancati congratulates Dr. David Chan