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GIM Fellows Farewell Dinner, June 2008

Farewell 14

  A pretty setting for a party

Farewell 9

       The banqueters gather

Farewell 12

      Good conversation flows

Farewell 17

    Drs. Daniel Ford and Daniel Brotman


        GIM Division Director Dr. Fred Brancati

Farewell 19

 Drs. Sarah Clever and Jodi Segal

Farewell 22

    Dr. Leonard Feldman serves as Master of Ceremonies

Farewell 23

           Graduating Fellow Dr. Crystal Wiley speaks


         Fellow Dr. Rachel Charles looks on as graduating 
       Fellow Dr. Fenny Lin opens a farewell gift


      Fellows Drs. Rachel Charles and Nisa Maruthur present
    gifts to graduating Fellow Dr. Monique Tello 


  Dr. Neda Ratanawongsa reacts to her gift of a book


       Now it's graduating Fellow Dr. Crystal Wiley's
turn to unwrap a gift

Farewell 20

Graduating Fellow Dr. Fenny Lin chats with Dr. Eric Bass


    Dr. Crystal Wiley and Dr. Amina Chaudhry    


Fellowship Director Dr. Jeanne Clark 
records the moment

Farewell 13

Dr. Daniel Ford

Farewell 10

     Drs. Madhav Goyal and Amina Chaudhry


       Lots of conviviality!   


Dr. Howard Levy talks with GIM Fellow Dr. Lipika Samal

Farewell 2

 Dr. Leonard Feldman with Fellow Dr. Nisa Maruthur


   Dr. Claire Snyder with graduating Fellow Dr. Monique Tello

Farewell 4

      Drs. Daniel Brotman, David Levine and Karan Cole


GIM Fellows Drs. Madhav Goyal and Nisa Maruthur

Farewell 1

Ms. Joy Mays and Fellowship
Coordinator Ms. Carolyn Robinson

Farewell 16

Dr. Joseph Cofrancesco, another shutterbug


     At center, Drs. David Levine and Jeanne Clark,
   pillars of the GIM Fellowship, exchange a word

Farewell 6

                      Fellowship Co-Director Dr. Geetanjali Chander

Farewell 3

                  Drs. Daniel Brotman and Claire Snyder
                  with Fellow Dr. Wendy Bennett


From left, GIM Fellowship Director Dr. Jeanne Clark,
medical educators Dr. David Kern and Dr. Scott Wright,
and Fellow Dr. Neda Ratanawongsa          

Farewell 26

Drs. Joseph Cofrancesco and Sarah Clever


        Drs. Nisa Maruthur and Monique Tello

Farewell 11

Dr. Scott Wright

Farewell 25

Dr. David Levine with Dr. Crystal Wiley

Farewell 18

Dr. Eric Bass

Farewell 7

    Dr. Geetanjali Chander


       Graduating Fellow Dr. Monique Tello with Fellowship
     Co-Directors Drs. Geetanjali Chander and Jeanne Clark


Drs. Jeanne Clark, Scott Wright, Fenny Lin and David Kern 


Dr. Eric Bass and Dr. Monique Tello


       Graduating Fellow Dr. Crystal Wiley with Fellowship 
      Co-Directors Drs. Jeanne Clark and Geetanjali Chander