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Party to Celebrate Dr. Geetanjali Chander's Promotion to Associate Professor, March 29, 2012

Chander 1

Dr. Geetanjali Chander with her husband, 
Andrew Hazlett, and their daughter  


The many well-wishers include (from left) GIM
faculty members Taryn Moy, Dr. Dan Brotman,
Dr. Brian Kral, Lisa Yanek, Dr. Rochelle Brown,
Director Dr. Fred Brancati, and Dr. Sarah Clever.


The Houck Lobby makes a gracious reception 
room enjoyed by guests Mollie Jenckes, Carol
Lent, Becky Hanst and Dr. Tony Boonyasai.


GIM Fellows Dr. Samantha Pitts and Dr. Liz Dzeng,
with GIM Associate Director Dr. Jeanne Clark.


Dr. Mary Catherine Beach and Dr. Richard Moore
chat with GIM stalwart Carol Lent (l. to r.).

A happy Dr. Chander and her daughter


Dr. Chander mingles with the guests.

Chander 4

Dr. Richard Moore (l.) congratulates Dr. Chander as 
GIM's former Director, Dr. David Levine (c.) and
current Director, Dr. Fred Brancati (r.) listen.        


The audience listens as Dr. Chander is honored.
From far left, GIM's Drs. Anika Alvanzo, Lisa Cooper,
Brian Kral, Mary Catherine Beach, Tony Boonyasai,
Liz Dzeng, Ronke Oduyebo and Padmini Ranasinghe.


Dr. David Levine has some remarks to make.


And he gets a laugh from Dr. Richard Moore.


Dr. Chander tries to maintain her composure as her
contributions to GIM are enumerated and praised. 


Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Betsy McCaul says a few 
words to Dr. Chander. Along with her are (l.) Dr. Ira 
Wilson  from Brown University and (r.) the Bloomberg
School of Public Health's Dr. Bryan Lau.


The audience includes GIM's Clinical Director Dr. Bimal
Ashar, Dr. David Levinem Lorraine Smith, Dr. Jeanne
Clark, Joy Bolden, Dr. Fred Brancati, Becky Hanst,
Stacey Lohoski and Dr. Dan Brotman.


GIM Administrator Becky Hanst adds her good wishes.


Dr. Fred Brancati can be counted on to 
contribute his quick wit on any occasion! 


Then Dr. Chander makes some remarks of her own.


Attentive listeners are, from left, Fatamouta Balde,
Dr. Anika Alvanzo, Dr. Lisa Cooper, and Dr. Liz Dzeng.

Chander 3

And now Dr. Moore gets a hug!

         Chander 2   

A very happy Dr. Chander and her daughter.