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Brotman Promotion Party

Celebration of Dr. Dan Brotman's Promotion to Associate Professor, February 2008

Brotman 1
Colleagues gather to celebrate Dr. Daniel Brotman's promotion
Brotman 2

Conviviality at the Tower Terrace Restaurant on campus

Brotman 3

A late afternoon gathering

Brotman 4

Visiting student Michael Duncan from Porto Alegre, Brazil,
with GIM Director, Dr. Fred Brancati

Brotman 5
Dr. Brotman with members of the Hospitalist GIM faculty
Brotman 6

Dr. Brotman with Drs. Kalpana Prakasa, Padmini Ranasinghe,
Nisa Maruthur and Raquel Charles

Brotman 10

GIM Division Director Dr. Fred Brancati listens as Dr. Leonard Feldman, Hospitalists' Director of Education, congratulates Dr. Brotman

Brotman 12
Dr. Brancati and past Director Dr. David Levine
Brotman 13

Dr. Dan Brotman, Director of the Hospitalist Program 
 new Associate Professor, says a few words

Brotman 14
Dr. Lenny Feldman chats with Dr. Michael Duncan
Brotman 75
GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati with Dr. Dan Brotman
Brotman 76

Dr. Brotman with two physicians from the Hospitalist
Program, Drs. Muhammad Amer and Zishan Siddiqui

Brotman 77
Dr. Brotman with Hospitalist Dr. Padmini Ranasinghe
and Hospitalist Education Director, Dr. Lenny Feldman
Brotman 78
Dr. Padmini Ranasinghe
Brotman 79

Hospitalists Dr. Gavin Hamilton and Dr. Peter Danyi

Brotman 81

Drs. Maryam Sattari, Raquel Charles and Nisa Maruthur

Brotman 82

Dr. Leonard Feldman and Dr. Michael Duncan

Brotman 83
Brotman 84
Brotman 85
Dr. Brotman and the Johns Hopkins Hospital dome
Brotman 86
Brotman 87
Dr. Brotman maintains Osler's tradition of aequanimitas
Brotman 88

Hospitalists Drs. Padmini Ranasinghe, Kalpana Prakasa,
Zishan Siddiqui, and Muhammad Amer

Brotman 89
Drs. Lenny Feldman and Jeanne Clark
Brotman 90

Dr. Muhammad Amer offers a non-alcoholic toast with sparkling apple cider

Brotman 91
Another generation of physicians learns from Dr. David Levine