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GIM 30th Anniversary Celebration

GIM 30th Anniversary Celebration

Celebration Poster
                                       Current and former GIM members converge to register
                                     Serried ranks of name badges await the attendees
Drs. Cooper, Brancati, Ranasinghe and Brotman
                        GIM faculty members Drs. Lisa Cooper, Fred Brancati (Director),
                                       Padmini Ranasinghe and Daniel Brotman
                                         Flowers and meeting announcement 
                                             at door to Tilghman Auditorium
McKusick History of GIM
                                          Dr. Victor McKusick recounts the genealogy of 
                                              the Division of General Internal Medicine
Dr. Levine
                         Dr. David Levine recalls Dr. Philip Tumulty, GIM's founding director
Dr. Moore
                                    Dr. Richard Moore recounts his experience as a GIM Fellow
Dr. Craig Smith
                                              Dr. Craig Smith, an early Division Chief
Dr. Brancati
                            GIM Director Dr. Fred Brancati invokes the spirit of Sir William Osler
                                              Drs. Myron Weisfeldt, David Levine, Craig Smith,
                                             Lawrence Klein, Victor McKusick and Fred Brancati
                                Six out of six doctors recommend the GIM 30th-anniversary 
                                                tee-shirt to faculty, fellows and alumni
Osler in t-shirt
           The GIM tee-shirt compliments Sir William Osler's bronze visage
Cocktail reception
                 A cocktail reception allowed attendees to get acquainted with each other
                              A true symposium--a feast for both body and mind
Drs. Mumford, Craig and McKusick
                                        Drs. Laura Mumford, Craig Smith and Victor McKusick
Drs. Clark and Gary
                                                          Drs. Jeanne Clark and Tiffany Gary
Drs. Weisfeldt and Powe
                                         Drs. Myron Weisfeldt and Neil Powe
Drs. Bertoni and Harrison
                                  Drs. Alain Bertoni and Katherine Harrison
Drs. Appel and Manolio
                                                       Drs. Larry Appel and Teri Manolio
Dr. Petty and Jodi Poet
                                                    Ms. Jody Poet and Dr. Brent Petty
Prof. Meoni, et al.
                                        Lucy Meoni, Roxanne Stambaugh and Jody Poet
Yanek and Moy
                                           GIM Faculty members Lisa Yanek and Taryn Moy
Drs. Levine and McKusick
                                 Dr. David Levine makes a point with Dr. Victor McKusick
Drs. Clark and Brotman
                                                    Drs. Dan Brotman and Jeanne Clark
Dr. Pro watches Dr. Tumulty
            Dr. Gregory Prokopowicz watches a taped interview with the late Dr. Philip Tumulty
Drs. Wang and Vaidya
                                   Drs. Nae-Yuh Wang and Jay Vaidya approve the snacks
Drs. Bertoni and Brancati
                                                       Drs. Alain Bertoni and Fred Brancati
Dr. Levine
                                                Dr. David Levine

Dr. Moore

                                                        Dr. Richard Moore
Dr. Powe
                                                          Dr. Neil Powe
Dr ----
                                         Drs. Patricia Thomas and Rehan Qayyum
Dr. Geller, et al.
                               Drs. Jeanne Keruly, Gail Geller and Jeremy Sugarman
Drs. levine and ---
                                                  Drs. David Levine and Lawrence Klein
Drs. ----- and Levine
                                                       Drs. Deb Young and David Levine
Drs. Moore, Manolio and Klein?
                                  Drs. Richard Moore, Teri Manolio and Lawrence Klein
Four Docs
                              Drs. Teri Manolio, David Levine, Martha Hill and Fred Brancati  


          Signed program                          


                             Copy of the celebration program signed by all attendees