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The Translational Aging Research Training Program

This T-32 is meant for post-doctoral fellows who have either an MD or a PhD and who have US citizenship or who hold a green card and who are interested in receiving training for clinical, biologic, and engineering topics related to aging.  The long-term goal of this training program is to develop and train a cadre of highly skilled scientists focused on aging who work across disciplines to connect emerging basic aging biological knowledge to meaningful clinical applications and engineered solutions for older adults.  These trainees will also become the next generation of academic program leaders and mentors.

The development of this expertise will take place through a series of classroom and experiential learning opportunities leveraged from the outstanding aging-focused research programs, including the Biology of Healthy Aging Program, the Johns Hopkins Older Americans Independence Center, and the Center on Aging and Health.  Many other allied research programs and faculty mentors collaborate extensively with the core group of investigators and provide many laboratory and clinical translational based training activities. 

The scientific leadership, the infrastructure, the collaborative nature, and the collegial environment provided by these programs and affiliated faculty and trainees enable the provision of broad training experience to all trainees.  This training includes the tenets of basic aging biology and related bench research as well as to the major tenets of clinical investigation and clinical research protocol development relevant to older adults. 

For additional information about this research training opportunity, please contact the Principal Investigator or Program Coordinator, Brandon LaCour.

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