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Health Information Technology

Health information technology can improve the delivery and quality of care for older adults in every care setting and can help older adults (and their caregivers) better manage their own care. However, technology is only one of many important elements in health service delivery and it is critical that health information technology systems are carefully designed and evaluated.

Research Focus

Johns Hopkins researchers are designing computer-assisted education tools that can help teach older adults with chronic conditions how to self-manage their care more effectively. Our team is assessing the ability of technology to improve the care transitions associated with hospital discharges. These projects will provide important insight into the usability of various technology platforms by older adults, their caregivers, and their medical care providers.

In addition, we are using large national datasets to clarify patterns of health-related Internet use among older adults in order to optimize the usability of a personal health record and to promote the use of a patient portal within an electronic health record by older adults with chronic conditions.

Current Research Studies

  • Use of personal health records and a patient portal in primary care geriatrics to support engagement of patients and caregivers
  • Use of home-based health information technology (including cell phone, iPod, tablet PC, PDA) for chronic disease self-management with a focus on diabetes
  • Use of technology during a medical office visit to improve visit satisfaction

Faculty Investigators