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Charitable Giving

Providing excellent care to older adults is the sole mission of the Johns Hopkins Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, whether it is through outpatient services, our in-patient units, research, or education and training.

It is no small responsibility to be entrusted with someone’s beloved parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and dear friends. It is an even larger responsibility to look after those elderly people who have no family to support and help them navigate their healthcare needs.

That’s why we take our jobs so seriously here. We understand the importance of the support and care we provide to all of our patients.

We hope that you will consider helping us in our efforts to bring compassion; innovative diagnosis, care, and treatment; and dignity to aging adults who need medical help and support. Perhaps you recall the care a family member or friend received here. Perhaps you are concerned about the medical care your loved one received elsewhere. Or maybe you are looking toward the day when you or a loved one will need care and you hope that it can be done with compassion and dignity.

Your gifts, small or large, will help us to ensure that we can take good care of all of our loved ones who are entering their final years, not only today but tomorrow and well into the future. Whether your contribution goes to patient care or research, the end result is the same: better care for the elderly among us who have already made their life contributions.

Philanthropic gifts often provide start-up funding for novel research ideas, help with the development of innovative clinical programs, and assistance in building and sustaining teaching programs for health care practitioners who will care for the growing population of older adults.

Making a contribution

It’s easy to contribute, whether you choose to give online or by mail:

The Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Attention: Anne Engleby
Senior Associate Director of Development

Location: 100 N. Charles Street
Suite 444
Baltimore, MD 21201

Additional information

For additional information, call 410-516-6564 or e-mail