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New Research Regarding Cancer Screening for Older Adults 

Justine Enns, an MSTAR student with the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, led an important qualitative study regarding primary care doctors’ approaches and priorities for cancer screenings among older adults; its findings will help inform future clinical decision support tools as well as clinician education materials. Co-authored with Jacqueline Massare and Drs. Cynthia Boyd, Nancy Schoenborn, and Craig Pollack, you can read "Discontinuing Cancer Screening for Older Adults: A Comparison of Clinician Decision-Making for Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancer Screenings” here.

Dr. Roland Thorpe, Jr. Appointed Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Diversity 

Congratulations to Dr. Roland Thorpe Jr., who has been appointed as the inaugural Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Diversity at Johns Hopkins! Dr. Thorpe will advance the Faculty Diversity Initiative, provide infrastructure support for the Target of Opportunity Program and the Cluster Faculty Initiative, enhance support for faculty development and mentoring, and oversee the Provost Postdoctoral Diversity Fellowship Program. Read more about this key strategic role and Dr. Thorpe’s other remarkable leadership here.

Dr. Lescott Elected to Clinical Fellows Council  

Geriatrics fellow Dr. Simone Lescott was elected by her peers to serve on the Clinical Fellows Council! The council is entrusted with the tremendous duty to advocate for fellows in training at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Lescott will speak for fellows’ needs throughout the healthcare system. Additionally, she will serve as the Vice Chair of Communications and will facilitate information exchanges between the House Staff Council, Clinical Fellows Council, and the Geriatrics fellows. An added bonus: Dr. Lescott will help plan fellowship social events!

Caregiving Strain Among School of Medicine Faculty

Drs. Kim Skarupski, David Roth and Chris Durso’s research about medical faculty who are also caregivers was featured in Johns Hopkins’ DOME Magazine: “Caregiving Strain: A Growing Concern for School of Medicine Faculty.” Researchers found higher rates than the national average of caregiving (19% v. 16%), 90% of whom reported caregiving strain among medical faculty aged 55 or older across 14 US schools. Since about 1/3 of medical faculty are in this age group, combined with survey data showing a significant portion of them are considering early retirement to step up to caregiving responsibilities, trends may point to a significant shortage of medical educators in the future, as well as to human resources as medical teaching schools to adapt to changing labor needs.

Dr. Roth Will Receive GSA’s M. Powell Lawton Award            

Congratulations to Dr. David L. Roth, who will receive the M. Powell Lawton Award at the Gerontological Society of America Meeting in November 2021! Dr. Roth is the director of the Johns Hopkins Center on Aging and Health, and his expertise bridges methodological rigor with theory in highly interdisciplinary applied interventional research. The impact of Dr. Roth’s work on improving the quality of life of older adults and their family caregivers has reached large numbers of older adults. Read more here.

Martha Stewart Consults JH Geriatrics Before Moving Mom or Dad In 

Dr. Mattan Schuchman, medical director, Johns Hopkins Home-Based Medicine (JHOME), and Jane Marks, R.N., associate director, Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program, were interviewed by Martha Stewart for this practical, insightful piece about caregiving for aging parents: Seven Questions to Ask Before Moving Mom or Dad In With You from Martha Stewart

JHOME Experiences Inform Med Ed During COVID Pandemic 

Drs. Mariah Robertson, Mattan Schuchman, Thomas Cudjoe, and Jessica Colburn collaborated with residents in the JHOME program at the start of the pandemic to gain insight on ways the health care delivery system can adapt to patients’ needs. They made great observations and recommendations regarding hybrid and home care, which they published here: “Innovative educational approaches to house calls in the time of COVID-19.

Tackling Prescription Overload 

Drs. Ariel Green and Stephanie Nothelle were featured in the New York Times for their national leadership in the growing field of “deprescribing.” Read their expert advice in The New Old Age column, “Looking to Tackle Prescription Overload,” in which Drs. Green and Nothelle guide clinicians and patients to review medication regimens regularly, and to prune away risky or unnecessary drugs.

Dr. Christmas Named Rosemarie Hope Reid, MD Endowed Professor 

Congratulations to Dr. Colleen Christmas, director of the Primary Care Leadership Track, who will be the inaugural recipient of the Rosemarie Hope Reid, M.D. Endowed Professorship in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine! Read all about it here.

Comms. Spec. Tony Teano Received Pride Achievers Award 

Communications Specialist Anthony L. Teano, MLA, received a Johns Hopkins Medicine Pride Achievers Award from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity, and a Mason F. Lord Staff Award of Excellence for Creativity and Innovation from the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology! Tony serves on the JHU Diversity Leadership Council, where he is a passionate advocate for LGBTQI+ training, especially to benefit healthcare for LGBTQI+ elders, and where he seeks to make Johns Hopkins a more welcoming community to recruit and retain LGBTQI staff at any level. You can read bios for all Pride Achievers award recipients and nominees here. Tony gave a talk during Pride Month on the Life and Legacy of Harvey and his relevance today, which you can view here. Also, as a Communications Specialist, among other things, Tony Tweets from several Johns Hopkins Twitter handles: Johns Hopkins Geriatrics (@JHGeriatrics); the Center on Aging and Health (@jhu_coah); Frailty Science (@frailtyscience); the JHADRC’s Memory and Aging program (@JH_Memory_Aging); and the U.S. Deprescribing Research Network (@deprescribeUS). Thank you, Tony, for your creative professional skills and for your commitment to making Johns Hopkins Medicine better for all of us.

Drs. Fabius & Amjad on All Things Caregivers 

Tune in to the amazing Geripal Podcast for the All Things Caregivers episode featuring Drs. Chanee Fabius and Halima Amjad! Learn important takeaways from their conversation about the loving art of family/unpaid caregiving as well as some of their sometimes surprising and findings from academically rigorous studies about caregiver burden and benefits disparities, as well as the relationship between caregiver training needs and hospitalizations; here’s the research the talk about: 

 Race Differences in Characteristics and Experiences of Black and White Caregivers of Older Americans   

 Do Caregiving Factors Affect Hospitalization Risk Among Disabled Older Adults?

Dr. Elon Shares Personal Family Caregiving Experience 

Dr. Rebecca Elon’s compassionate heart and real humanity come through so clearly in this Washington Post story, which reminds us all of the importance of our collective commitment to take care of our elders with love and respect. Get ready to feel and give this a read: “In pandemic, geriatrician finds herself juggling needs of several elderly loved ones.”

New Study on Communication Between Home Healthcare and Clinical Physicians 

Seamless, coordinated team communication is essential to high-quality patient-centered care and optimal health services outcomes. Please read Skilled Home Healthcare Clinician and Staff Perspectives on Communication with Physicians: A Multisite Qualitative Study; which shows us how to do it better. Noteworthy: This work was led by our Research Program Manager Jonathan Norton, BS, in collaboration with a team including two former MSTAR students in the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology: Amelie Nkodo, MS, MA; Bhavana Nangunuri, BS; Alicia I. Arbaje, MD, MPH, PhD; Danielle M. Pierotti, PhD, RN; Kimberly Carl, RN; Cynthia M. Boyd, MD, MPH; Bruce Leff, MD; and Orla C. Sheehan, MD, PhD.

Dr. Christmas Recognized for Excellence in Teaching


Great news! Dr. Colleen Christmas received the 2021 Professors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching for Clinical Sciences Faculty! A champion of humanistic medicine, this award is a wonderful recognition of her teaching of innumerable students in the School of Medicine, in which she challenges students to always embrace a growth mindset. In further well-deserved news, and as a testament to her impact on excellence in teaching, the graduating class of medical students elected Dr. Christmas to lead them through the Hippocratic Oath at their 2021 Convocation, which you can enjoy here.

Dr. Nothelle Received Pilot Award for Collaborative Care for Older Adults with Dementia 

Dr. Stephanie Nothelle received a National Institutes of Health K23 Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award! This five-year award will support Dr. Nothelle’s focus on examining population health interventions benefitting older adults with dementia and other complex, chronic illnesses, and it will culminate in pilot study that will test a collaborative care management intervention for older adults with dementia based in primary care. Advisors for "Primary care based collaborative approach to care management for older adults with dementia" include an amazing interdisciplinary team of highly-innovative experts both internal and external to Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, Dr. Nothelle's co-mentors for this award are Drs. Jennifer Wolff, PhD, with the Bloomberg School of Public health, and Cynthia Boyd MD, MPH, Director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology in the School of Medicine. Congratulations to Dr. Nothelle on this fabulous K23 award!