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Wireless pH Testing

Wireless pH testing allows your doctor to evaluate your reflux activity over a 48-hour period while you continue your normal activities.

Wireless pH Testing: Why It’s Performed

Our doctors may recommend you do a wireless pH test in order to evaluate how often acid is moving from your stomach up your esophagus. The test allows your doctor to collect information over a few days while you continue your daily routine. After the evaluation period, your doctor will discuss the results with you.

Wireless pH Testing: How It Works

To perform wireless pH testing:

  1. Your doctor performs an endoscopy and places a small chip in your lower esophagus.
  2. The chip records acid at that site for 48 hours.
  3. The chip transmits your acid level to a wireless recording device that you wear around a belt.
  4. The recording device is sent to your doctor who downloads the data and can gauge your reflux severity.