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Basic Endoscopic Services

Our gastroenterologists use endoscopies and colonoscopies to diagnose both common and rare GI conditions. An accurate diagnosis is the first step to a successful treatment plan. The more precise the diagnosis, the more tailored the treatment plan can be to your personal needs and lifestyle.

Basic endoscopic services we perform include:

Endoscopy and Colonoscopy in Baltimore, MD

Endoscopies are more than a microscope and camera to view the upper GI tract—in fact, we have a wide range of advanced endoscopic diagnostics we use so we can get an accurate picture of what is causing your symptoms.

Our colonoscopies screen for colon cancer and also serve as a helpful tool for diagnosing other conditions in the lower GI tract.

GI Diagnostic Testing at Johns Hopkins

At The Johns Hopkins Hospital, our gastroenterologists are experts at performing endoscopies and interpreting the results. Meet our doctors.

Our expertise, combined with the most advanced diagnostic technology available, ensures an accurate, precise diagnosis.