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User Groups

Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
Huge, sprawling site with loads of information.  Includes tutorials, reference materials, current protocols, and more.  Home to the General Cytometry email list, and international mailing list for flow cytometry users.

International Society for Analytical Cytology
ISAC is the professional organization for scientists utilizing multidisciplinary, advanced technology for the measurement of cells and cell precesses.

Basic Information

Flow Cytometry - A Basic Introduction
This site contains the electronic version of the book (with colour figures), free for you to read.
It is edited by Dr. Michael Ormerod.

Mario Roederer's Compensation Perspective
Excellent guide to compensation, how to do it, and why it's so important.  Includes a quiz, many diagrams, and a short no-fail recipe for proper compensation every time.

Spectra Viewers

BD Bioscience  

Life Technologies




Current Protocols in Cytometry

Practical Flow Cytometry
Free online protocols. 

Flow Cytometry Tools and Software Tutorials

BD Bioscience

Life Technologies


Beckman Coulter

FlowJo Home