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FACS Aria IIu Sorter

The FACS Aria sorter equipped with three lasers (405-, 488-, and 633-nm), which allows up to 9 fluorescent parameters (Configuration). FACS Diva software (v6) is used for cell collection and analysis. It was upgraded to the level of II in July 2012. The sorter is operated by a designated operator, and able to sort 4 different cell populations simultaneously. It is operated under the BSL2, and applicable to sorting both human and rodent cells (see Biosafety Policies).


Aurora is a spectral flow cytometer. It is a four laser-system (405-, 488-, 561-, and 640-nm), and is equipped with an integrated high throughput sampler (HTS) for 96-well plate (U, V, and flat bottom). This cytometer has three scatters (488-nm FSC and SSC, and 405-nm SSC), and 48-fluorescence channels (4-laser Fluorochrome Guideline).  In addition, Aurora has the capability to analyze small particles (virus, mitochondria, exosomes, and extracellular vesicles, etc.). SpectrotFlo software is used for data acquisition and analysis.

Aurora can give superb resolution of dim and rare populations, minimal fluorochrome overspill, excellent auto-fluorescence subtraction, and control library. You can use any fluorochrome (emission wavelength between 365 to 829-nm) excited by the onboard lasers with one configuration for all assays, no need to change optical filters for any fluorochrome.

Citation Policy: This is a NIH SIG S10 granted (2019) instrument. All users who used this instrument must have acknowledgments of the S10 grant in your scientific publications.


The LSR II is equipped with four lasers(UV 355-, 405-, 488-, and 633-nm),  (Configuration and Fluorochrome Chart). FACS Diva software (v8) is used for data acquisition and analysis.


The FACSCalibur is equipped with two lasers (488- and 633-nm). Four channels can be set for fluorescent parameters (Configuration). CellQuest software is used for sample acquisition and data analysis.

All analyzers are accessible for unassisted use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.