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Training Information

Introduction To Flow Cytometry And Cell Sorting - (3hrs)

Classroom and Lab Sessions
Offered to new users/beginners or anyone needing refresher training

Fascalibur Hands-On - (1-2 hr as needed)

Discussion of Fluidics, Optics and Electronics
Quality Control-FACSCOMP
Introduction to CellQuest Acquisition and Analysis Software
Laboratory guidelines and procedures in our lab-Start-Up-Instrument Cleaning and Shut-Down Procedures.

Facsaria Hands-On (1-2 hr as needed)

Topics: Fluidics and Cell Sorting, Optical Configurations, Electronics, Nozzles,
Introduction to FACSDIVA (Digital) Acquisition and Analysis Software
Procedures for Start-Up, Quality Control, ShutDown, Routine Fluidics Cleaning

To Schedule:

Sessions scheduled as needed.  Call 550-8291 or e-mail Raffaello Cimbro to schedule.