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Bayview Core Scheduling Information

  1. Registered and trained users will be given access to the FACSCALIBUR and FACSARIA (google) Calendars.
  2. Only trained users will be given interactive on-line access to schedule their time on the calendars. When time is scheduled an e-mail message must be sent to the Laboratory Manager Raffaello Cimbro to confirm the date and time and to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  3. After hour analysis and sorting must be cleared through the Lab manager. E-mail Raffaello Cimbro or call (550-8291).
  4. All sorting experiments require a minimum of 30 min pre-sort set-up time which must be included in the requested time slot.
  5. Sterile sort experiments require a minimum of 1.5 hr pre-sort set-up time. Once the instrument (FACSARIA) has been prepared for a sterile sort no other non-sterile or analysis experiments can be scheduled until the sterile sort is completed.