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Center for Functional Anatomy

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Center equipment

pQCT (Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography) scanner. Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.

Portable x-ray machine and digital sensor: Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.

GoMeasure 3D R4X high resolution 3D surface scanner. Contact Dr. Siobhan Cooke or Dr. Adam Sylvester.

Portable NextEngine 3D surface scanner

Digitizers and scanners

Digital photography

Photographic stands

Microscopes (access to transmission electron, reflex, dissecting, conventional optical)

PC and Apple Mac computers

Radiographic equipment (CT, MRI, X-Ray) through JHMI Department of Radiology

Fossils and Skeletal Material

Human skeletal materials and hominin fossil casts. Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.

Mammalian fossils and skeletal remains of modern taxa. Contact Dr. Kenneth Rose.

Non-mammalian fossils. Contact Dr. Gabriel Bever.