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Summer Institute in Anatomy


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Letters From Former Students

Testimonial 1

Dr. Ruff,

This is --------- from the Summer Institute in Anatomy for Undergraduates. I first want to say thank you once again for everything that you did for me during the course. It was the best experience I have ever had and I am definitely looking forward to medical school much more now than ever before. I have told many students here at --------- College about the course and there are many very interested in the course. I am currently shadowing doctors in the --------- Hospital Emergency Room two days a week. I have been learning a lot and I have also been using so much of what I learned from you, the other professors and the teaching assistants. I am still very much interested in an M.D./Ph.D. program and I am still planning on going to Dallas in February to attend the Orthopaedic Research Society Convention.

Testimonial 2

Hi Arlene,

I just got word that Johns Hopkins is offering the Summer Anatomy Program again this year. I completed this course last summer and was just letting you know that if any potential applicants want information from personal experiences, that I'd be more than happy to field any of their questions.

I had a great time last summer, and I learned more than I imagined. I'd like to help advertise this program to other potential pre-med students so that they don't pass up the opportunity that I was fortunate enough to have seized.

I hope you, Dr. Rose, Dr. Teaford, Dr. Ruff, Dr. Weishample (sic), Matt, Myrium (sic), Tonya, and Sean are all doing well!

Take care,
Xxxxx Xxxxx

Testimonial 3


Please don't hesitate to send people my way. Like I said, the Summer Anatomy Program is one that I have been speaking highly of at my school, but I'd like to help get the word out to others at other schools.

School has been going tenfold better since getting back from Baltimore. After seeing the attitude you preach at Hopkins, I've tried to adopt it into my own schooling and other activities. The Summer Anatomy Program kind of opened me up. Seeing a med school for the first time and understanding how med school classes are geared have been a huge benefit. More importantly, the exposure to pre-med students from around the country shows me where I lacked and where I excelled when it came to my relatively long term goal of getting into med school.

And this couldn't have come at a better time...Junior Year. I'm getting a 4.0 now and plan on graduating a semester earlier, and I attribute this to something that "clicked on" in my head when I was in Baltimore.

I just can't say enough about the program.

Testimonial 4

Dear Arlene, Dr. Ruff, Dr. Weishampel, Dr. Teaford, Dr. Rose, Kristen, Gina, Frank, and Mike:

I'm just taking a moment to say thank you to all of you for an incredible experience. Having had the privilege of participating in the JHU Summer Institute in Anatomy truly was an opportunity of a life time!

There are so many wonderful memories, and so many lessons learned (academically and personally).

As I continue on my journey towards achieving my goal of becoming a medical doctor, I will always remember the remarkable Johns Hopkins Med faculty and staff I had the privilege of meeting. Again, thank you all for a wonderful summer!

Warmest regards,
Xxxxx Xxxxx

Testimonial 5

Hi Arlene,

I just wanted to thank you and all the professors and TAs for a wonderful summer experience! The course was very informative and interesting and the lab was just wonderful. I loved how in lab we were able to see the lecture material in so many different forms; in models, plastinated specimens, and in the cadavers. This course taught me so many things but especially how to utilize lab time to learn the lecture material in a unique way and how to stay on top of an enormous amount of information without going crazy. The professors were amazing in lecture and in lab, as were the TAs. I really appreciate all the time and effort they put in to help us learn the information. I also wanted to thank you and Dr. Teaford for giving us the opportunity to observe surgeries during the course.

Thank you again.