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Current Graduate Students

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Stephanie L. Canington (

Mammalian evolution, Food material properties, Jaw biomechanics

Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Perry and Dr. Siobhán Cooke

Deanna M. Goldstein (

Human evolution, Evolution of bipedalism, Functional morphology of the lower limb

Advisor: Dr. Adam D. Sylvester

Christine M. Harper (

Functional morphology of the postcranial skeleton, Evolution of bipedalism, Locomotor adaptations

Advisors: Dr. Christopher Ruff & Dr. Adam Sylvester

Aneila V.C. Hogan (

Paleontological approaches to evolutionary development, Evolution and comparative anatomy of sensory mechanics, Craniomandibular development

Advisor: Dr. Gabriel S. Bever

EJ Huang (

Phylogenetic Theory and Methods, Evolution models, Integration of Molecular and Morphological data, Mammal Evolution

Advisor: Dr. Gabriel S. Bever

Catherine J. Llera (

Geometric morphometrics, Bone growth and development, Statistical modeling of skeletal variation, Paleoanthropology

Advisor: Dr. Adam D. Sylvester

Kristen A. Prufrock (

Early primate evolution, Dietary analyses, Functional morphology

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Perry

C. Kinley Russell (

Postcranial functional anatomy, Hominin evolution, Bipedalism and locomotion, Science and education

Advisor: Dr. Adam D. Sylvester

Zana Sims (

Influence of diet on the formation and remodeling of bone, Primate evolution during the Miocene, Paleoecological reconstruction and climate change

Advisor: Dr. Siobhán B. Cooke

Jacob D. Wilson (

Variation and macroevolutionary patterns

Advisor: Dr. Gabriel S. Bever


Master of Science in Anatomy Education Students