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Current Graduate Students

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Stephanie L. Canington (SCANING1(at)

Mammalian evolution, Food material properties, Jaw biomechanics

Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Perry and Dr. Siobhán Cooke

Rachel A. Frigot (RFRIGOT1(at)

Pterosaur biomechanics, Structure and function of bone, Locomotion and flight, Finite Element Analysis

Advisor: Dr. David Weishampel

Deanna M. Goldstein (DGOLDS14(at)

Human evolution, Evolution of bipedalism, Functional morphology of the lower limb

Advisor: Dr. Adam D. Sylvester

Christine M. Harper (CHARPE18(at)

Functional morphology of the postcranial skeleton, Evolution of bipedalism, Locomotor adaptations

Advisors: Dr. Christopher Ruff & Dr. Adam Sylvester

Tony Harper (AHARPE14(at)

Mesozoic and Paleogene mammalian radiations, terrestrial stratigraphy, basin analysis, micro-vertebrate assemblages

Aneila V.C. Hogan (AHOGAN7(at)

Paleontological approaches to evolutionary development, Evolution and comparative anatomy of sensory mechanics, Craniomandibular development

EJ Huang (yhuan155(at)

Heather L. Kristjanson (HKRISTJ1(at)

Primate origins, Stable isotopes of teeth, Reconstruction of primate paleodiet

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Perry

Catherine J. Llera (CLLERA1(at)

Geometric morphometrics, Bone growth and development, Statistical modeling of skeletal variation, Paleoanthropology

Kristen A. Prufrock (kristen.prufrock(at)

Early primate evolution, Dietary analyses, Functional morphology

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Perry

C. Kinley Russell (kinley.russell(at)

Postcranial functional anatomy, Hominin evolution, Bipedalism and locomotion, Science and education

Zana Sims (zsims3(at)