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Post-Doctoral Fellows

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Dr Zachary S Klukkert

Dr. Zachary S. Klukkert

E-mail: zklukkert(at)

Research Focuses:
Biomechanics of feeding
Functional morphology of the jaws and teeth
Evolution of platyrrhine and strepsirrhine primates
Paleoecology of flooded caves and springs
Underwater paleontology methods

About the FAE Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The Functional Anatomy and Evolution Program has often had a Postdoctoral Fellow in residence for the academic year, with teaching responsibilities in our anatomy courses. Successful applicants had generally completed all requirements for their PhD degree by the time of the appointment, and had previous experience in teaching dissection-based human anatomy, along with good computer skills.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Christopher Ruff

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows