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Mintues: December 7, 2011


                                               405th  MEETING OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL COUNCIL

                                                               3 p.m., Wednesday, December 7, 2011

                                                 School of Medicine Administration, Board Room 103


PRESENT: Drs. Ahn, Ahuja, Barker, Barone, Bienvenu, Carroll, Crino, Dlhosh, Fine, Gonzalez-Fernandez, Gottesman, J. Green, R. Green, James Herman, Ishii, Keefer, Molinaro, Nyhan, Poynton, Shuler, Taverna, Wade, Williams, Zachara, Messrs. Johnson,  Mandell, Monsen and Ms. Foy

 ABSENT: Drs. Akpek, Chanmugam, Claypool, Comfort, Joseph Herman, Matunis, Pavlovich, Puttgen, Resar, Solomon, Tan, Tis, Tufaro, Wolfgang, Mr. Rini and Ms. Matthys

 GUESTS: Dr. Dillon Jones, Ms. Roderer


I.  Minutes


The minutes of the November 9, 2011 were approved.


II. Business Meeting – Dr. Ishii


               The following items were presented and discussed:

                Dr. Ishii  reported 1) John Colmers, Vice President for Strategy for Johns Hopkins Medicine has appointed a Collaborations Planning Committee which will assist the Strategic Operations Committee in planning.  Dr. Joe Herman will represent the Medical School Council on this committee.  Having MSC representation will keep the concerns of the faculty at the forefront.

                2) A new partnership between Johns Hopkins and a private company has been proposed and is pending Trustee approval.  The new venture will develop web-based programs to help patients with obesity and is the first time the Hopkins name will be used in collaboration with a for-profit company.

                3) There will be a faculty retreat on February 11th sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Physicians.  Dr. Kirch, President of the AAMC will be the keynote speaker.

                An overview of the new JHM 3.0 structure will be presented.  It was suggested an update on the EPIC system would be of interest to faculty.

                4) Changing the name of the Medical School Council to Faculty Senate will be delayed until the subcommittee on MSC Charter revisions reports.  The Charter was written in 1973 and last revised in 1993.

                5) Dr. Joe Herman will preside at the January 2012 meeting in Dr. Ishii’s absence.  Dr. Eliot McVeigh, Director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, will present on Coulter Collaboration funding.  An update on EPIC will also be presented.

                6) Training Overload- There was discussion on the ever increasing training modules that faculty are required to complete.  It was felt there was no oversight of the process and little coordination.  There was discussion on whether the MSC should have an oversight role in faculty training requirements.  There is confusion about clarity and timing of requirements.

                7) Access Issue- The Practice Management Committee of the CPA has mandated that all departments have a central call center or use the new Access Management System.  There is a new policy that all internal referrals be seen within ten days and urgent referrals must be addressed (yes/no) within 24 hours.  There was discussion on whether departments have the capacity to implement the new timelines.

                8) Mentoring- It was suggested the members may wish to bring their department “best practices” for mentoring junior faculty to the attention of the MSC.  Dr. Poynton described the very effective peer mentoring process in the Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology.  The MSC agreed further discussion of this topic is appropriate for a future agenda.

                9) Dr. Ishii reported collecting more clinical departmental compensation plans that will be posted on the web with the current salary survey.  Dr. Rick Thompson will present the 2010 salary survey at the January 2012 meeting.


III. Closure of the Welch Medical Library- Ms. Nancy Roderer

                Ms. Roderer reviewed the decision-making process in the proposal to close the Welch Library.  The library’s ten year strategic plan developed in 2002 addressed the option as user utilization of library services evolved as more journals and books became available online.  During the period the library responded by transitioning librarians into informationist positions that were embedded in departments to assist faculty and students with informational needs.  Ms. Roderer noted that use of paper books and journals is going down and the number of online books and journals has increased.  Welch utilization has changed dramatically with an average of 41 book check-outs a day and 106 walk-ins a day.  This compares with over 35,000 articles downloaded.

                Ms. Roderer noted the Institute of the History of Medicine collection will remain in the Welch.  Student book check-out and reserves will continue to be available in five classroom buildings on campus.  Most services will remain; books can be requested and will be delivered to faculty offices within a day.  The West Reading Room will be open and can be reserved for events.  Some space will be repurposed to accommodate library staff.

                In response to questions Ms. Roderer noted the following:

                -There has been discussion of converting some library space into an Education Center for Graduate Students but this is on hold pending philanthropic efforts.  There was also discussion about creating a visitor center for the medical campus in the building.

                -The three floors of stacks will remain for the time being.

                - Focus groups early-on in the strategic planning process were involved in the decision making process.

               -There will be two locations in the new clinical buildings for library touch-down space.

                -Library training will continue to be offered and will be provided at the Eastern training site.  Staff is working on expanding online training tutorials.

                -A Town Meeting has been scheduled for 5p.m. on December 20th in the West Reading Room to discuss issues faculty and students have raised.

                Dr. Ishii thanked Ms. Roderer for her presentation.


 IV.  Other Business 


               There being no further business this meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


                                                                                                         Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                         Mary E. Foy


 Future Medical School Council meetings:

All meetings will be held in the School of Medicine Board Room (SOM 103), 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


January 18, 2012

February 8, 2012

March 21, 2012

April 18, 2012

May 9, 2012

June 20, 2012